The Moments That Make Up Your Story.


your session...

Let's have FUN! I strive to create a fun, relaxed session that your whole family will enjoy. I know that having your picture taken can be nerve racking and a little uncomfortable. It also can be very stressful to get the whole family ready and expect the kids to show up looking at the camera ready to smile. The good thing about my sessions is that I don't want your kids, or you,  looking at me and smiling ALL the time. I want you all smiling at each other, interacting with each other, having fun with each other! I want to capture the love you have as a family, the story of your family at this moment in time.  I will guide you through the session and then capture the authentic moments that unfold during your session. I want to capture real moments of your family, all the things you want to remember about your little ones while they are still little. I want to capture what you want your children to remember about their childhood. Laughter, hugs, snuggles with Mom, Dad and the whole family. During my sessions we tend to move a lot, I find that if we keep the kids engaged and moving, they have a much easier time and have a lot more fun!

What to WEAR? Neutrals are always your best bet for lifestyle photography. We are typically in an organic environment and neutrals always work best and will also help to keep your images timeless. I would avoid neon colored clothing and multiple patterns, both will cause distraction in your images. Also, I would avoid overly matching clothing - everyone in a white shirt and jeans, etc. This will create dated feel to the images.  I recommend that females wear clothes that will create movement(long dresses or skirts) the movement will create a greater sense of depth in your images. Most importantly wear something you are comfortable in! If you feel uncomfortable you will look uncomfortable, so comfort in your clothing is so important!! I am always happy to help with clothing questions,  as I know this is always the most stressful part! 



after your session...

After your session, I go through all the images and select the best photos from the session to edit. I typically have your final gallery to you within 2 weeks. You will receive a password protected online viewing gallery of all the final edited images. This gallery will stay active for two weeks and this is where you will favorite and select the images you would like to keep (quantity is dependent on the type of session you have booked). Once you have chosen your selected images, I will enable the download and you can download those images right to your computer and/or phone and print and share them to your hearts desire! 

You can also expect a sneak peek on social media (Facebook & Instagram) within 3 days of your session!

THANK YOU for choosing me to document your family's story! One of the greatest things about being a photographer is that I can give the gift of memories.